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College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Mathematics, Science, and Informatics


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Informatics in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies at Mercer University.

Faculty members in the department are totally committed to fostering a learning environment in which the teaching of mathematics, science, and informatics (effective processing of information within the context of various academic disciplines) at the undergraduate level is grounded in the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. One of our major responsibilities is to encourage students to apply their new understanding of mathematical, life, physical, and information science processes to practices in their chosen professions.

The department serves mainly in a support role for the College of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, the Stetson School of Business, and the Tift College of Education. The courses we offer fulfill the mathematics, science, and information systems requirements for these colleges. In addition, the department offers a major in Informatics.

The Bachelor of Science in Informatics in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies includes a common core of courses plus three alternative tracks of study. These tracks are:

(a)   Health Information Technology

(b)   Web Development and Human Computer Interaction

(c)   General Informatics

Informatics is a broad academic field, which combines solid grounding in computer programming, mathematics, and statistics with study of the ethical and social science aspects of complex information systems. Students in informatics program develop the skills to design, implement, and evaluate the next generation of information technology tools for different disciplines.

I am delighted to say that our vigor lies in exposing our students to a learning environment that is structured to allow them access to multiple resources within and outside of the classroom, including opportunities with online and hybrid courses. The department is committed to fostering a learning environment that will:

  • Offer a major and a minor based upon a strong liberal arts foundation with emphasis on the centrality of mathematics, information technology, and other sciences.
  • Encourage you to open up to new and positive experiences with mathematics, science, and the field of informatics, and to refine your ability to express yourself precisely, so you may make significant contributions in your workplace, community and in the world.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to reshape your perspective about mathematics and the sciences, and to emphasize the importance of mathematics, science, and information technology in the world.
  • Guide you to engage in, learn, and apply knowledge by keeping you focused, helping you with your study, communication, and learning skills, and providing you with clear directions.

It’s my trust that all of you experiencing our curriculum will develop life-long interests in all the branches of science, including mathematics, and to examine their implications for citizenship, the environment, and society. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Collen Stapleton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Science and Chair
Department of Mathematics, Science, and Informatics
Phone: (678) 547-6565