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Course Descriptions

601 Career/Vocational Counseling 3 sem. hrs.
This course helps familiarize the student with the nature and scope of career/vocational development and counseling. Emphasis will be placed upon the content and process of career/vocational development and choice.

602 Introduction to Community Counseling 3 sem. hrs.
This is a survey course designed to acquaint the graduate student with a broad view of the field of Counseling. As the intro course for the Master of Science in Community Counseling degree, it covers a wide variety of topics, the understanding of which is essential to the study of counseling.

603 Directed Independent Study 3 sem. hrs.
The purpose of this course is to provide graduate students with the opportunity to study one specific topic or a series of related topics under the tutelage of an instructor of their choice.

604 Psychopathology 3 sem. hrs.
This course is designed to assist students to recognize and categorize psychological/behavioral patterns (syndromes) that are dysfunctional. Standards for categorizing behavior, purposes, uses and ethics of categorization will be explored. Developmental psychodynamics will be emphasized. The course will focus on utilization of the DSM IV TR Classification System for Mental Disorders. 

605 Group Techniques and Procedures 4 sem. hrs.
This course is designed to familiarize the student with theory and techniques in group counseling. The student will be exposed to selected experiences in group participation, and provided limited opportunity to practice group leadership skills. 

606 Psychological Helping Skills 3 sem. hrs.
This course is an introductory course for prospective counselors who seek to improve their listening skills, responding skills, and interpersonal effectiveness. The course is designed primarily as a personal experience in practicing newly acquired communication skills. This course uses an experiential format and requires participation in exercises and role play. 

607 Gender Issues in Counseling 3 sem. hrs.
This course will focus on special needs and concerns of women in counseling, especially the influence of male/female roles and stereotypes as they pertain to the practice of counseling.

608 Psychological Aspects of Substance Abuse 3 sem. hrs.
Emphasis in this course is on the dynamics of substance abuse, including alcohol abuse, other drugs, and food. Special attention is given to physiological factors, family dynamics, treatment methods and implications for schools, communities, and business.

609 Practicum 3 sem. hrs.
The Counseling Practicum is a one-term supervised counseling experience in a site offering psychological services. It is designed to place student counselors in extended counseling relationships and situations with a variety of clients under close supervision. Students will be required during the practicum to design a field based research project to be implemented during the internship.

610 Internship I and II 3-6 sem. hrs.
The Counseling Internship is a two-semester supervised counseling experience in a site offering psychological services. It is designed to place student counselors in extended counseling relationships and situations with a variety of clients under close supervision. In addition, the student is required to implement the field based research project developed in the practicum.

611 Special Topics in Counseling 1-3 sem. hrs.
The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for a wide variety to special focus topics to be offered periodically or on a one-time basis without the need for curriculum committee decisions on course that may not be taught regularly. Topics may include, but are not limited to: domestic abuse, psychopharmacology, geriatrics, other special populations, play therapy, family therapy, or many special topics too numerous to develop a standard course to address.

  • Anger and Aggression
  • Human Sexuality
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Faith-based Counseling

612 Counseling Theory 3 sem. hrs.
This course is designed so that the student begins to understand the development of the major schools of thought for understanding people that have evolved in counseling and psychology during its history. A major emphasis will be placed on how the theories complement each other as well as how they evolved as reaction to each other.

613 Cultural Perspectives in Counseling 3 sem. hrs.
This course will provide an overview of counseling approaches and research on culturally diverse peoples, such as African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and Oriental. Factors of education, emotion, and behavior will be addressed.

614 Life span Development 3 sem. hrs.
This course provides a framework of the theoretical understanding of human development from birth to later adulthood, including issues of gender, family and socialization. The course is intended to illustrate the normal developmental processes that occur over a life span and sensitize counselors to events that may lead to a disruption of events that may eventually lead a person to seek counseling.

615 Psychological Helping Skills II 3 sem. hrs.
This course is a continuation of the skill development beganin Psychological Helping Skills I.

617 Individual Analysis and Testing 3 sem. hrs.
The main focus of this course is the development of techniques for collecting, organizing, and using relevant information from tests and non-test methods in assisting individuals understanding themselves and in making meaningful life and career decisions. The instruments and inventories to be studied in this course will include paper and pencil tests, group administered tests, and inventories.

618 Ethics and Professional Issues 3 sem. hrs.
This course will provide an opportunity for understanding the concept of ethics as both an ideological an practical issue in the counseling profession. In a seminar/discussion format, the students will be expected to actively participate in focusing upon provocative and challenging topics.

621 Research and Program Evaluation 3 sem. hrs.
This course is designed to provide an understanding of research methods, statistical analysis, needs assessment and program evaluation.

623 Play Therapy 3 sem. hrs.
The content of this course is designed to expose the students to a wide variety of play therapy techniques that they can utilize with children in a counseling setting.  The course is highly experiential, and participation in the play activities is required.  

624 Advanced Addictions Counseling 3 sem. hrs.

630 Counseling Seminar 1 sem. hr.
This course is designed to act as a capstone course for the Master of Science in Community Counseling degree.  In this course students prepare to take the Departmental Exit Exam and/or Licensing Exam through a study and synthesis of the coursework in eight core areas of counseling: 

  1. Social and Cultural Foundations
  2. Individualized Helping Skills
  3. Group Process and Practice
  4. Appraisal of the Individual
  5. Career/Vocational Counseling
  6. Life span Development
  7. Research and Program Evaluation and
  8. Ethics and Professional Issues 


635 Orientation to Professional Practice 1 sem. hr.
Students will be prepared in this course to participate in clinical practice.

641 Systems Theory 3 sem. hrs.
This course offers a study of the family as a system, family life cycle stages, tasks, and difficulties that families may experience as they move through their developmental stages. An overview of the major theories of family counseling, methods, concepts, and principles applicable to helping people within a systems perspective will also be presented.