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Concentration in Leadership and Organizational Development and Change

 Organizational Development (OD) is a career field that is growing even in these times of economic downturn. Organizational development is a profession that finds application in all types of organizations: nonprofit, healthcare, for-profit corporations, education, and government. The Leadership and Organizational Development and Change concentration prepares students to participate in complex decision-making environments that affect the organization. This concentration broadens the student's capacity to lead organizational change in the face of resistance by understanding the essential skills used in developing the resources of the individual, group, and organization. Students practice problem-solving, strategic planning, critical thinking, and research methodology and policy formulation while focusing on key organizational leadership elements such as ethics, motivation, creativity, vision, and organizational development. The learning outcomes for this concentration include:

  1. Students will develop an understanding of the theories, models, and application of organizational development skills and their importance to the overall effectiveness of the organization.
  2. Students will become prepared for a leadership position within their respective organization.
  3. Students will increase their capacity to lead organizational change, and coach or consult other leaders within the organization on leadership issues.
  4. Students will demonstrate how societal, organization, and individual strategic planning levels can impact sustainability for the organization.


The Leadership and Organizational Development and Change concentration consists of 12 semester hours. The four courses listed below are the required 12 hours:

  • ORGD600 Organizational Development and Change: A Leadership Perspective - 3 hours
  • ORGD601 Organizational Consulting and Leadership Coaching - 3 hours
  • ORGD700 Building Organizational Culture - 3 hours
  • ORGD701 Leading the Strategic Planning Process - 3 hours


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