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College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Master of Science in School Counseling

mscounselingSchool Counseling is an applied profession which employs skills, instrumentation, and techniques to facilitate the progress of each student being served. Today’s school counselors are vital members of the educational team whose role is essential to facilitate growth in academic achievement, personal and social growth, and career development for all students. School counselors will be trained as leaders and advocates in their profession. During the first year of study, intensive coursework has been designed to immerse the School Counseling student in the history, foundations, theory, and skills necessary for a Professional School Counselor. During this time, the student will prepare academically for the role of the School Counselor and will supplement academic training with field observations and participation in local schools. The student will proceed with clinical instruction in the second year within the culture of the school working with diverse populations under constant supervision. Having completed this program of study, the School Counseling student will become a reflective practitioner, advocating the needs and rights of his/her students, while collaborating and establishing partnerships with parents, schools, other professionals, and communities.

“The School Counseling program has an Advisory Board of professional School Counselors, school administrators, representative graduate students, and Mercer University faculty (includes faculty representatives from the Tift College of Education). This Advisory Board provides guidance and specialized knowledge which complements the knowledge and skills of the School Counseling faculty in order to more effectively direct the program.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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