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College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Online Courses

Fully online and hybrid courses offered through Mercer University’s College of Continuing and Professional Studies

Undergraduate Online Courses

COMM 260 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 265 Working Group Communication
COMM 350 Organizational Communication
COMM 270 Intercultural Communication
CRJS 345 and PSYC 345 Forensic Psychology
*CRJS 350 Theoretical Forensic Criminalistics
CRJS 359 The Judicial Process
CRJS 360 Criminology
CRJS 361 Criminal Offender
CRJS 369 Criminal Law and Procedure
CRJS 401 Interpersonal Violence
CRJS 401 Issues in Interpersonal Violence
ENGL 390 and LBST 303 Special Topics in English/Issues of Justice in a Global Community: Prison   Literature
*ENGL 407 Advanced Topics in World Literature
HIST 210 Topics in American History
*HIST 220 Topics in European History: Reformation
HIST 390 Special Topics in History: War in the Modern World
*HRAD 350 Principles of Adult Learning and Development
HSRV 311 Substance Abuse
HSRV 381 Advanced Grant making
**HSRV 415 Older Adults in the 21st Century
INSY 391 and CRJS 391 Computer Privacy, Ethics, Crime and Society
LBST 302 Studies of Cultures in Contact: War as a Cultural Conflict
MATH 130 Topics in Pre Calculus
ORGL 210 Foundations of Leadership
ORGL 310 and PSFT 310 Foundations of Leadership in Modern Organizations
ORGL 315 Communication for Effective Leadership
ORGL 320 and CRJS 320 and HSRV 320 Leadership and Human Behavior in Organizations
**ORGL 335 Contemporary Global Issues
ORGL 350 and HSRV 350 Values, Ethics, and Leadership Practice
PSFT 260 Contemporary Issues in Public Safety
PSFT 305 Crime and Difference
PSFT 365 Homeland Security and Emergency Management
PSFT 435 Ethics and Public safety
PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 225 Human Development: Prenatal Through Adolescence
PSYC 333 Social Psychology
*PSYC 360 Psychopathology
**RELG 110 Introduction to Religion
SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 200 Social Problems

Graduate Online Courses

*COUN 601 Career and Vocational Guidance
COUN 626 Current Issues in Career Education and Counseling
COUN 627 Measurement Approaches and Resources in Career Counseling
COUN 628 Coaching, Consultation, and Performance Improvement
COUN 629 Program Promotion, Management, and Implementation
**COUN 710 Advanced Exceptionalities: ASCA applied to counseling exceptional students
*PSLD 606 Seminar on Terrorism

Hybrid Courses
(Combine online classes with face to face classes) Undergraduate

BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology and Evolution
BIOL 101 Life Forms and Functions
COMM 265 Working Group Communication
COMM 320 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
ENVS 210 Physical Aspects of the Environment
ENVS 215 Environmental Impacts and Living Systems
ENVS 390 Topics in Environmental Sustainability
INSY 301 Issues in Technology Management
MATH 120 Basic Algebra
PHYS 106 Earth Systems Science
PSYC 361 Group Process and Practice Graduate
COUN 602 Introduction to Community Counseling
COUN 611 Special Topics in Counseling: Human Sexuality
COUN 631 Introduction to School Counseling
COUN 641 Systems Theory in Counseling

Please check Mercer University Registrar’s Website to view online offerings for a specific semester. Online courses are designated with a “W.” Hybrid courses are designated with a “Y.
*Course will be offered online for the first time during the Fall 2010 session
**Course will be offered online for the first time during the Spring 2011 session