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College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Consistent with the mission of Mercer University, the College of Continuing and Professional Studies offers undergraduate and graduate academic programs and lifelong learning opportunities for adults who seek leadership roles in their communities and beyond, professional transition and advancement, and lives that have meaning and purpose.

Human Resources Administration and Development

The B.A.S in Human Resources Administration and Development is designed to prepare adult students for a career in human resources in workplaces such as government, non-profit agencies, corporate organizations, health care facilities, and adult educational institutions. Students will gain an understanding of work-related human behavior, and the skills necessary to carry out essential human resources functions.

Learn more about the B.A.S in Human Resources Administration and Development degree. 

Human Services

The B.S.S.S in Human Services is an interdisciplinary study, based primarily on the disciplines of psychology, sociology and anthropology that prepare students to work as generalists in the field of social services. The human services professional is dedicated to the goal of helping clients become self-sufficient through teaching problem-solving, using case management skills, and using client-centered mental health practices.

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Liberal Studies

The B.A. in Liberal Studies provides an opportunity for those students who want a bachelor’s degree based upon a strong liberal arts foundation for their personal and professional development. The program provides an individualized program of study that combines a common liberal studies core with individualized concentrations in selected courses and fosters students’ ability to think critically and constructively in relation to their self-chosen academic goals.

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The B.S. in Informatics combines a solid grounding in computer programming, mathematics, and statistics with study of the ethical and social science aspects of complex information systems. Students in an informatics program develop the skills to design, implement, and evaluate the next generation of information technology tools for different disciplines.

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Organizational Leadership

The interdisciplinary focus of the B.A.S in Organizational Leadership degree provides a targeted study of leadership along with the development of conceptual, interpersonal, technical, administrative and organization skills. The degree program is designed with a keen appreciation of the leader's critical and evolving role in the change process and dynamic environment of 21st Century organizations.

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Public Safety

The B.S. in Public Safety Leadership degree is tailored for adult learners working in the field of public safety and those pursuing a career in this field. The program will provide students a strong foundation of knowledge regarding the various public safety entities including: law enforcement, corrections, the courts, fire science, homeland security and emergency response.

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