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Human Resources Administration and Development

Human Resources Administration and DevelopmentThe Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Resources Administration and Development is designed to offer adult students in the Regional Academic Centers a career path in human resources in such workplaces as government, non-profit agencies, corporate organizations, health care facilities, and adult educational institutions. The major will ground student learning with an understanding of human behavior, particularly as related to work, and will provide them with exposure to the skills and competencies necessary to carry out essential human resources functions that can benefit both individuals and organizations.

The structure of the major combines a broad liberal arts foundation, a comprehensive set of human resources core courses, and the choice of a specialization in either Administration or Training and Development. The foundation in psychology, sociology, communication, and critical thinking will assist students in applying research in the field to diverse populations and settings. The coursework is designed to meet the competencies deemed crucial for effectiveness in the field.

Areas of Focus

  • Human behavior and performance
  • Interpersonal skills and communication
  • Human resource functions
  • Training and development
  • Program design and assessment
  • Diversity and global perspective
  • Organization development and change

Two Specialization Tracks

  • The Administration track includes on workplace law, employee compensation and benefits, budgeting, ethics and technology management components.
  • The Training and Development track includes adult learning, curriculum design, materials development, instructional delivery, electronic instruction and web design components.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Laurie Lankin
Coordinator, Human Resources Administration and Development Program and Professor of Counseling and Human Sciences
Phone (678) 547-6381; Email:

Human Resources Administration and Development
B.A.S. Degree-128 Semester Hours


PSYC 111. Introductory Psychology
SOCI 111. Introduction to Sociology
MATH 220. Applied Statistical Methods
Students must have completed LBST 175/180, COMM 171 and INSY 102 with a “C” or better to enter the program. All courses in the major must be taken for a letter grade and must be passed with a “C” or better.

General Education Requirements—42 hours
Core in Major— 30 hours

COMM 350. Organizational Communication
COMM 370. Intercultural Communication
HSRV 401. Multicultural Issues and Professional Practice
ORGL 465. Leadership Practices in the Global Workplace
HRAD 250. Introduction to Training and Development
HRAD 305. Assessment and Evaluation
HRAD 495. Capstone Experience
HSRV 230. Introduction to Interpersonal Relations
ORGL 320. Leadership and Human Behavior in Organizations
ORGL 340. Human Resource Issues
ORGL 470. Leadership, Organization Development, and Change
PSYC/SOCI 333. Social Psychology

Specialization Tracks—15 hours

A. Administration Track

ORGL 330. Budgeting for Nonfinancial Leaders
HRAD 315. Workplace Law and Relations
HRAD 335. Employee Compensation and Benefits
HRAD 470. Ethics in Human Resources Administration
INSY 301. Issues in Technology Management

B. Training and Development Track

HRAD 350. Principles of Adult Learning and Development
HRAD 365. Curriculum Design and Materials Development
HRAD 375. Instructional Design and Delivery Strategies I. Organizing Training
HRAD 385. Instructional Design and Delivery Strategies II. E-learning
INSY 211. Introduction to Multimedia and Web Design Tools

Electives—41 hours
TOTAL—128 semester hours

Admissions Contacts

Henry County - Heidi Leonard, (678) 547-6562,  
Douglas County Programs- Sabrena Straton,(678) 547-6493,