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College of Continuing & Professional Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

Students in the Informatics program will be able to:

1)  Identify the theory of Informatics.

2)  Identify the practice of Informatics.

3)  Apply data structures and algorithms to solve Informatics problems.

4)  Create software designs that relate to the relevant areas of the curriculum.


Students in the Health Information Technology Track will be able to:

1) Make decisions relevant to the health professions.

2) Use techniques useful in the management of medical data.

3) Communicate effectively so as to implement technical knowledge.


Students in the Web-Development and Human-Computer InteractionTrack will be able to:

1) Employ user-centered system interface design principles.

2) Develop platform independent informatics applications.

3) Analyze human-computer interactions to create optimally usable software designs.

Students in the General Informatics Track will be able to:

1)       Employ informatics operations using computer technology.

2)       Apply basic informatics principles in a variety of disciplines.

3)       Demonstrate interdisciplinary perspective embracing different aspects of the university curriculum.