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Organizational Leadership

The interdisciplinary focus of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership degree provides a targeted study of leadership along with the development of conceptual, interpersonal, and technical administrative and organization skills. The degree program is designed with a keen appreciation of the leader's critical and evolving role in the change process and dynamic environment of 21st Century organizations. Courses provide a practical, real world approach to administration, emphasizing leadership, interpersonal relations, and implementation of change in a global environment.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership is designed for mid-career adult learners who have four or more years of work experience.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership Degree Requirements

General Education Core and Electives — 81 hours
Major Requirements — 39 hours
ORGL 210 Foundations of Leadership
ORGL 315 Effective Communication for Leadership
ORGL 320 Human Behavior in Organizations
ORGL 330 Budgeting for Nonfinancial Leaders
ORGL 335 Contemporary Global Issues
ORGL 340 Human Resource Issues in Organizations
ORGL 350 Values, Ethics, and Leadership Practice
ORGL 355 Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
ORGL 380 Applied Research Methods
ORGL 445 Dimensions of Servant Leadership
ORGL 460 Strategic Leadership
ORGL 470 Organization Development and Change
ORGL 475 Advanced Leadership Philosophy and Practice
Total Requirements — 120 hours

Comments From Program Participants

Mercer University’s Organization Leadership program has proven to be an instrumental part of my personal life and occupational career. Before joining the program, as a corporate employee of The Home Depot, I found myself lacking in the realm of organizational philosophies (in regards to the behavioral sciences surrounding my day-to-day tasks and responsibilities). Upon completing the course, my understanding of ethical practices, strategic planning, and leadership discipline has improved immensely and this new understanding has better prepared me to advance to the next level.

George Bantum


The faculty of Mercer University had guided, encouraged, and nurtured me throughout the Organization Leadership program. The Org. program had been the most profound learning experience in my life. As a non-traditional, full-time working student I found working within a Cohort was invaluable. The faculty had tremendous knowledge, skills and modeled great leadership in all of their interactions with the students. Faculty members built a wonderful relationship that was both personable and professional. The Organization Leadership program is a cutting edge program that provides students with the knowledge and skills to lead in today’s complex world. Mercer University’s Organization Leadership program was a great investment and had exceeded all my expectations. Through the positive experience and encouragement from my mentor and Professor, Dr. Clemons, I not only successfully completed my undergraduate degree at Mercer but am now pursuing my graduate degree. “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them” (John Maxwell).

Stephanie Woerfel


Pursuing the Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree through the Organizational Leadership Program at Mercer University has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. As a military retiree, I entered the program with a confident understanding of the principles and practices of leadership. Upon completion of this program, I am equally confident that this program has exponentially broadened my leadership skills and heightened my appreciation for the importance of leadership in any organization. The Organizational Leadership Program has been instrumental in building my confidence and determination to attend graduate school. Furthermore, the Cohort structure offered an invaluable opportunity to build and practice teamwork skills and develop lifelong networking relationships. Finally, the required research project afforded me the opportunity to showcase many of the skills obtained through the program which ultimately led to a significant promotion within my organization. I am proud to be Mercer alum and a graduate of the Organizational Leadership Program.

Edwin B Baylis


The Organization Leadership Program at Mercer University changed my personal and professional life. First, I developed the ability to think like a leader—I increased my self-awareness, I learned from organizational research, and I developed the ability to solve complex problems. Second, I developed the skills needed to manage diverse employees, to communicate key information, and to lead effective teams. Third, I learned more about the ethical dimensions of leadership—to lead with character and wisdom. The Organization leadership program widened my opportunity lens, and acted as a springboard into Mercer’s MBA program. I believe the course projects especially the research paper prepared me for the MBA program. Currently, I am researching doctoral programs in Organization Behavior. I am focusing on interdisciplinary programs that will offer studies in business ethics and cross-cultural team dynamics.

Carolyn Pusey- Wade
Bachelor of Applied Science '09
Master of Business Administration '10