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Course Description

ORGL 210. Foundations of Leadership
(3 semester hours)

This course examines, from individual, interpersonal, group, and organizational points of view, the type of leadership that is required to create and maintain high levels of performance in organizations. Students will be encouraged to assess their own leadership style and to develop a leadership action plan.

ORGL 315. Effective Communication for Leadership
(3 semester hours)

This course emphasizes the role of interpersonal communication in effective leadership. Skills in counseling, interviewing, conducting meetings, and using presentation software will be included. The course will involve a brief study of theories and methods in the field of public relations as they apply to creating and maintaining positive interaction with internal and external constituents of the organizations.

ORGL 320. Human Behavior in Organizations
(3 semester hours)

This course focuses on the concepts that provide a foundation for the understanding of individual and group behavior in profit, non-profit and voluntary organizations, with special emphasis on interpersonal and leadership relationships.

ORGL 330. Budgeting for Non-Financial Leaders
(3 semester hours)

Students will learn effective budgeting and fiscal methodologies used by nonfinancial leaders in support of the mission and goals of the organization. Students will examine budgeting processes, explore the relationship between expense and income, and analyze reports to assess the financial health of the organization.

ORGL 335. Contemporary Global Issues
(3 semester hours)

This course examines the impact of current social, economic, political, technological, and other contemporary global issues, including historical perspectives, that influence the role of leaders in a world that is becoming increasingly complex.

ORGL 340. Human Resource Issues in Organizations
(3 semester hours)

This course is designed to broaden leaders' understanding of the role and importance of human resources, and assist leaders in maximizing the effectiveness of employees, volunteers, and others within organizations and volunteer associations. The course focus on such topics as human resource planning, recruitment and selection, evaluation, equal employment, job design, training and development, and compensation.

ORGL 350. Values, Ethics, and Leadership Practice
(3 semester hours)

This course examines the role of values in ethical decision making and determining the moral obligations of leaders and followers. The course also places an emphasis on critical analysis and application of ethical principles to contemporary leadership decisions and actions.

ORGL 355. Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations
(3 semester hours)

This course introduces the student to the role and duties of a leader, supervisor, or governing board member of a non-profit organization. The student will review theory and investigate specific methods of behaviors of non-profit organization leaders.

ORGL 380. Applied Research Methods
(3 semester hours)

This course provides the student with an introduction to the basic methods, techniques, and procedures of applied research. Course goals include understanding the purpose of research, research design, and research methods. Students will be introduced to both quantitative and qualitative methods employed in conducting applied research projects.

ORGL 390. Special Topics in Leadership Studies
(1 – 3 semester hours)
This course is an interdisciplinary study of some significant topic in the general area of leadership which is not available through other program offerings. Offered occasionally in lieu of another organizational leadership course as an independent study.

ORGL 445. Dimensions of Servant Leadership
(3 semester hours)

This course examines the servant-leader concept in relationship to the individual, the work place, the community, and the world. Particular attention will be given to how the servant-leader affects team-oriented approaches to leadership and management in organizations.

ORGL 460. Strategic Leadership
(3 semester hours)

This course presents the major concepts and approaches to leadership development and strategic planning for an organization. Students learn how senior leadership can create a strong culture within an organization, agency or department and how to lead with vision.

ORGL 470. Organization Development & Change
(3 semester hours)

This course is a study of the approaches and strategies for leading organizations and managing people in a fast-paced, changing world. Students will examine the role of mission and vision, re-engineering and restructuring in relation to organizational effectiveness and individual productivity and will consider the influence of culture, diversity, ethics, and technology in the design, development, and impact on individual behavior and performance.

ORGL 475. Advanced Leadership Philosophy and Practice
(3 semester hours)

A review of current, leadership education, and development theories and practices; discussion of fundamental social, economic, and political changes affecting the art and science of leadership; and implications of these changes for individual leadership development and continued growth.